2" on line Amiad mini sigma filter


Innovative, durable, self-cleaning polymeric screen filter with a large filtration surface for optimal protection of any irrigation system. The modularity of the Mini Sigma allows different installation configurations. With its compact size, this filter reduces water and energy consumption while allowing for a simple and fast installation. It has been designed to handle low pressures and is low maintenance. 

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The Amiad Mini Sigma filter is designed to handle low pressures with a capacity of up to 80 m3 /h (352 gpm) and with filtration degrees from 50-500 micron*. Inlet/outlet connections are available in 2” (50 mm), 3” (80 mm), and 4” (100 mm) diameter. Filters include a 1.5” (40 mm) flush valve.

The filtration process

Raw waters first pass through the coarse pleated screen which captures large debris and sediment. This screen is designed to provide a larger filtration area, allowing the filter to handle higher dirt loads of larger particles. Water then flows through the filter and through the inner fine screen to catch the remaining smaller particles.


- Low water and energy consumption

- Compact design

- Easy to install

- Various installation configurations

- Low maintenance

- Self-cleaning filter

* Flow rate recommended by Amiad depending on water quality

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