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The Compostable & Soil Biodegradable Bio360 Mulch Film, made of  Mater-Bi, a corn starch based raw material, is compostable and soil biodegradable. The master batch pigment mixture used for coloring is also made of Mater-Bi. It leaves no toxic residues in the ground and you save on removal, recycling and land fill costs. Find more info on its official website.

Bio360 is also guaranteed Non Oxo-degradable, which means it doesn't leave any chemicals in the soil once it is degraded.

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Product No. Size Tickness Roll Weight
PABIONB364006 4000' x 36''
(1219.2 m x 91.4 cm)
.6 mil
(15 microns)
53.00 lb
(24.04 kg)
PABIONB482406 2400' X 48''
(731.52 m x 121.9 cm)
.6 mil
(15 microns)
46 lb
(20.87 kg)
PABIONB484006 4000' X 48''
(1219.2 m x 121.9 cm)
.6 mil
(15 microns)
70.00 lb
(31.75 kg)
PABIONB534006 4000' x 53''
(1219.2 m x 134.62 cm)
.6 mil
(15 microns)
75.77 lb
(34.02 kg)
PABIONB604006 4000' x 60''
(1219.2 m x 152.4 cm)
.6 mil
(15 microns)
114.91 lb
(52.12 kg)
PABIONB364008 4000' x 36"
(1219,2 m x 0,9144 m)
.8 mil
(20.5 microns)
71.00 lb
32,21 kg
PABIONB484008 4000' x 48''
(1219,2 m x 121.92 cm)
.8 mil
(20.5 microns)
91.50 lb
(41.50 kg)
PABIONB604008 4000' x 60''
(1219,2 m x 152.40 cm)
.8 mil
(20.5 microns)
114.91 lb
(52.12 kg)
PABIONB664008 4000' x 66''
(1219,2 m x 167.64 cm)
.8 mil
(20.5 microns)
125.81 lb
(56.70 kg)

The White on Black Biodegradable Mulch Film is made of MATER-BI, a plastic that is completely biodegradable and compostable and used in the manufacturing of products having a low impact on the environment. The biodegradability and compostability  of MATER-BI is supported by different independent international organizations:

Soil temperature, moisture, and microorganisms degrade the Bio360 into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass; there is therefore no toxic residue in the soil.

Mulch films have the same physical and mechanical properties as plastic films, but without the negative impact on the environment or removal, burial, and recycling costs.

BIO360 white on black mulch films are primarily used for tomato, bell pepper, and strawberry crops in hot climates and for heat-sensitive crops such as Cruciferae.


  • Eliminate weeds
  • Keep heat from penetrating the soil, thus keeping roots cool
  • Reflect light
  • Protect fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the soil for cleaner crops that are less sensitive to diseases


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