Wade Rain Gasket

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IA GST-2-WR-config

This rubber gasket form the Wade Rain brand is used to seal the connection between pipes. Available sizes 2'', 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'' and 8''. Drain or Non drain.

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Product No. Size Drainage Seal Pressure
IA GST-2-WR 2'' Drain 3 to 4 PSI
IA GST-2-WRND 2'' Non Drain 0 PSI
IA GST-3-WR 3'' Drain 3 to 4 PSI
IA GST-3-WRND 3'' Non Drain 0 PSI
IA GST-4-WR 4'' Drain 3 to 4 PSI
IA GST-4-WRND 4'' Non Drain 0 PSI
IA GST-5-WR 5'' Drain 3 to 4 PSI
IA GST-5-WR-ND 5'' Non Drain 0 PSI
IA GST-6-WR 6'' Drain 3 to 4 PSI
IA GST-8-WR 8'' Drain 3 to 4 PSI
  1. Drain
  2. Non Drain

Inside the couplers are rubber rings called gaskets. These seal the connection between the pipes so that water does not leak out. The Wade Rain advantage is that our gaskets seal when there is water pressure is on and the water is flowing through, and then "de-seal" themselves and allow the water to flow out when the water pressure is turned off. This means no more having to lift heavy water-filled pipes.

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