Torch Cane MT 450C


This torch is a versatile tool for your yard and garden. It is primarily used to eliminate weeds on small areas without the use of chemicals.

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Torch Diameter Torch Length Weight BTU
1'' 36'' 1.2 lb 20 000

The propane torch is a versatile tool for the yard and garden. Its main purpose is to eliminate weeds in small areas without using chemicals.

The process of pyroweeding destroys the cell structure that allows the plant to photosynthesize. Thus, it no longer has the energy to grow.

This technique is most effective with weeds in the early stages of growth. It is recommended that with the most stubborn weeds, a second pass be made. Keep in mind, however, that the treatment will take several days to dry out an entire plant.

The propane torch has a long reach and a foam handle for an excellent grip.

It can also be used to melt ice or snow on paths and driveways. Also, when used with the Thermoperfo base and caps, you can puncture mulch or ground cover with ease. **

In order to install the Thermoperfo base, you must unscrew the original brass caps from the propane torch.

N.B. Propane tank is not included. Base and caps are sold separately.


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