Accu-Tab Chlorination System

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The Accu-Tab Chlorinator is a simple, low-cost system that kills harmful bacteria in irrigation water while keeping lines free from algae.

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The Accu-Tab Chlorinator is a simple, low-cost system that kills harmful bacteria in irrigation water while keeping lines free from algae.


  • Removes the risk of leaks common with the use of chlorine gas cylinders.
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive safety system.  Just rubber gloves and safety goggles are needed to handle calcium hypochlorite tablets.


  • Requires only one person to load tablets and maintain the system.
  • The three-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets are shipped in convenient and easy-to-store 55-lb pails.
  • Has few moving parts, no metering pumps, and no small openings that can clog making for a trouble-free, low maintenance solution to water treatment.


  • Prevents drip line clogs by minimizing the algae and slime build-up that cause equipment downtime.
  • Fights water molds like Phytophthora and Pythium that harm plants or crops.
  • Kills bacteria including E. coli and Salmonella that can result in food borne illnesses.

How the Accu-Tab System Works

It is easy to install and can be integrated into any existing system.  Once in place, the system runs simply and efficiently with little to no maintenance.

After it passes through the irrigation pump, a small side stream of water flows through the chlorinator.  The tablets erode at a predictable rate based on the amount of water, allowing for a consistent delivery of chlorine.  Once the water is chlorinated, it flows back into the main water line and is distributed through the network.  The chlorinator automatically stops when the water flow is shut off, ensuring the tablets remain dry when the unit is not in operation.  A control valve at the inlet allows precise chlorine residual control.  Both manual and automatic control systems are available for your specific operational needs.

  1. Side stream flows to the chlorinator
  2. Three-inch tablets sit on the top of a sieve plate inside the chlorinator
  3. Intake water flow to the chlorinator is adjusted to control chorine delivery
  4. Untreated water rises through holes in the sieve plate eroding the bottom of the tablets.  The balance of the tablets remains dry.
  5. Water is returned to the system with the appropriate amount of chlorine.
  6. Chlorinated water stream meets the main water flow and continues to distribution.

These models and other models are also available with pressure return system.

This system combines simple, patended chlorinators with slow-release calcium hypochlorite tablets to provide consistent and controllable chlorine dosages regarless of size and demand.

Accutab - chlorination system

Accutab - chlorination system
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