Swing Weeder Set for hoes - 275 mm | Terrateck


This Swing Weeder set for Terrateck hoes is design and essential for manual weeding work. The set fits either the single hoe (between rows of vegetables) or the double hoe (both sides of the row) and includes the Terrateck support for Swing Weeders. (size large).

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100 mm 0.8 kg

Adapted and essential tool for manual weeding work. The Swing Weeder is a gardening tool that allows more precise and efficient results to be obtained in early-stage crops. This set includes the 275mm oscillating weeder as well as the universal hoe holder.

The oscillation of the weeder gives an impetus to the movement, which increases working comfort. The back-and-forth movement can be accentuated or reduced with the flange of the Terrateck hoe. Equipped with a hardened steel wear blade with two sharp edges, this weeder provides weed control by pushing and pulling. The very thin blade (less than 2mm) allows for a clean and precise cut of unwanted grasses which will be quickly pulled out by the back-and-forth movement.

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