Rivulis White Polyethylene Pipe / Coil

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BO EHDW1645-100-config
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Product No. Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Length Fittings
BO EHDW1645-100 .620" .710" 1000' 1/2"
BO EHDW2057-100 .830" .940" 1000' 3/4"
BO EHDW2667-066 1.049" 1.189" 660' 1"

The white polyethylene pipe from Rivulis is primarily used in greenhouses since it reflects light, thus providing plants with enough light to grow adequately. It is essentially used as a supply pipe for all outside drippers. It is designed to resist a maximum pressure of 60 psi. The opacity of the pipe, white outside and black inside, makes it UV, heat, and corrosive chemical resistant, and prevents alga growth.



  • Reflects light instead of absorbing it
  • Maintains water at a temperature below that of a black polyethylene pipe
  • Decreases the risks of alga/bacterial growth
  • Triggers less dilatation and contraction than a black pipe
  • Slows down the chemical precipitation reaction
  • Maximizes light reflection in greenhouses
  • Made of solid, durable polyethylene
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