Ratchet joiner

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Accessory to join two steel wires, tighten them and/or maintain adequate pressure on the vine trellising or fence. High quality spring loaded locking clip.

Technicals specifications

  • Strong galvanised steel ribbed rust-resistant frame holds a tapered die cast aluminium spool designed for ease of starting and wire alignment.
  • Two extra teeth on spool provide easier wire tightening action and control, requiring less clip turning to hook into next tooth.
  •  Increased spool hub thickness provides extra strength to accommodate using up to 4mm gauge fence wire.
  • Smooth clicking action. 
  • Easy to use uPSIde down. 
  • Wire can be threaded through strainer instead of tying an extra knot. 
  • High quality spring loaded locking clip.
  • 5/8" (16mm) square drive. 
  • A permanent tool to tighten wire and maintain proper fence tension.
  • Spring clip does not rely on gravity to latch so operates in any position.
  • Must be placed at a break in the wire or wire must be cut to use. 
  • For easiest tightening, use the Ratchet Tightener Handle.
  • Can also be tightened with a crescent wrench. 
  • Galvanised steel and die cast aluminium for long life. 
  • Holds up to 16' (5m) of Power Wire.
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