Lockable Wire Joiners & Tensioners - No.5-6-10 - Gripple

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Product No. Wire Diameter Load Torq Tool to Use
FTENDLOCK5 3/16" / 5 mm 3 520 lbs / 1 597 kg FTENDTORKCONTR
FTENDLOCK6 1/4" / 6 mm 6 017 lbs / 2 729 kg FTENDTORKCONTR
FTENDLOCK10 3/8" / 10mm 14 663 lbs / 6 651 kg FTENDTORKLOCK10

To combat dynamic forces, the Gripple Lockable comes complete with locking screws to clamp the wedge in position

Use for bracing high load trellis, overhead structures, protective netting, or shade cloth


  • Fast installation even on large diameters by means of push-fit mechanism
  • Easy to work with large cumbersome cables
  • A range of products to suit wire rope / cables from diameter 5/64" to 3/8"
  • Secondary locking mechanism for peace-of-mind
  • Available as a unit or ready-to-use anchor kits complete with cable


  • Using the pre-ferruled loop, hook the wire rope around the top of the anchor post
  • Slide the wire rope through one of the two Gripple channels (marked with an arrow)
  • Pass the wire rope through the anchor point
  • Push the wire rope back into second channel of Gripple
  • Tension with the Gripple Tor Tensioning Tool up to 7/32" - 3/8" Lockable on 1/4"

Instruction for lockable wire joiners tensioners from gripple

Instruction for lockable wire joiners tensioners from gripple
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