R-64 Briggs irrigation boom 4 wheels

Model Boom Width Lane Spacing G.P.M Axle frame Weight
R64 210 ft 210-295 ft 96-400 4 wheel 3241 lb

The four-wheel irrigation line makes it possible to irrigate a very large farmland. Its arms can cover up to 90 metres of row. Compared to big gun irrigation or other spray irrigation systems, the four-wheel line provides more consistent soil irrigation. Its multiple spray nozzles produce small droplets which are easier for a soil to absorb, therefore reducing water consumption. The irrigation line is used for any crop type such as potatoes, onions, strawberries, lettuce, and others.



  • Model : R64
  • Boom Width : 210 feet
  • Lane Spacing : 210 – 295 feet
  • G.P.M : 96 – 400
  • Axle frame : 4 wheel
  • Weight : 3241 lbs 



  • UNIFORMITY : closely spaced nozzles + low trajectory = 90% uniformity (even in quite windy conditions). Benefits include savings in water and more even crop growth.

  • REDUCED DROPLET SIZE : Nelson pressure regulated sprayjets allow the optimum droplet size to be selected for each type of crop (eg small droplets for leafy salads or larger droplets for root crops).

  • SOIL BENEFITS : Controlling droplet size reduces risk of soil capping or slumping, compared with a raingun. (Which also aids absorption of subsequent irrigation or rain)

  • LESS ENERGY NEEDED : Booms operate at pressures ranging from just half that recommended for rainguns (2 – 3.5 bar compared to 4.5 – 5.0 bar). So less pressure needed all the way back to the pump, reducing input power cuts.

  • EASY TO USE : Briggs booms fold and swivel on the chassis for ease of transport. The folded boom is rotated through 90° before being pulled out to the end of the run. Unfolding the boom is a one-person operation and no tools are needed to prepare the boom for operation.

  • TOUGH AND RELIABLE : Briggs booms have been developed in consultation with farmers to ensure they are tough, reliable and easy to maintain. Components are laser cut for accuracy and all tubing is formed on modern automated machines. The entire unit is fully galvanised, while Nelson sprayjets are selected for their established performance over time. 


4-Wheel Irrigation Boom Features

  • Unique offset hose feed - boom straddles just one bed, while allowing use of central drawbar (The hosereel pipe is in the wheeling, alleviating traction problems when pulling out)

  • Semi-automatic locking catches make unfolding simple

  • Irrigator can be operated and towed from either end, saving time and greatly simplifying positioning procedures

  • Four-wheel steer gives excellent manoeuvrability and prevents crop damage

  • Choice of pressure regulated spray jets, rotators or sprinklers to give optimum droplet size for the type, or stage of crop under production

  • Briggs booms can be used with almost any make of hosereel

  • Quadrant lock allows boom to be set for angled headlands or to be rotated round obstacles in the field

  • Quick and simple connection to the hosereel with a flexible coupling

  • Self-levelling allows the boom to remain level with the ground and it can also be locked to deal with side slopes

  • Ball valve control on all sprinkler/spray-jet outlets enables sections to be shut off to suit irrigation requirements and allows individual nozzles to be unblocked if necessary

  • Optional combination of sprinklers and spray jets or drop pipes and spray jets to suit wide headlands and irregular shaped fields

  • Optional stainless steel pipework for corrosive liquids
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