Portable flame weeder with pressure valve


The portable flame weeder with pressure valve unit is perfect for weeding on small areas with a propane torch.

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Model Torch diameter Torch Length BTU Weight
BP 2512 SVC 2 ½''
6.35 cm
76.2 cm
400,000 28 lb
12.7 kg

The portable flame weeder with pressure valve is perfect for weeding on small areas. Flame weeding destroys the cellular structure, thus the plant's ability for photosynthesis. This way, it will not have the energy needed to grow. 

The flame weeder is more effective when used on weeds at the early stages of growth. With tougher weeds, it is suggested to burn them a second time. However, keep in mind that the treatment will take several days to dry out a plant completely. The flame weeder unit is equipped with a 6.8 kg (10 lb) propane cylinder and a knapsack to carry it, as well as a pressure valve to control the intensity of the flame and thus use less propane. You simply press on the handle to have more power and heat, and release it to reduce the intensity of the flame. The flame weeder handle is made of rubber for a better grip. The unit also includes a flint lighter. 

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