Polyethylene saddle with reinforcing ring

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IB PS-11/2X1-config
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Product No. Dimension Thread # Bolt
IB PS-2X1/2 2" 1/2" 4
IB PS-2X3/4 2" 3/4" 4
IB PS-3X3/4 3" 3/4" 6
IB PS-3X1/2 3" 1/2" 6
IB PS-3X1-1/4 3" 1-1/4" 6
IB PS-3X1-1/2 3" 1-1/2" 6
IB PS-4X2 4" 2" 6
IB PS-6X2 6" 2"
IB PS-6X3 6" 3"

Polyethylene saddles are used to connect cheaters or other types of pipes on the main or secondary water line. Equipped with a reinforcing ring, the saddle is installed on a polyethylene or PVC pipe for a solid, waterproof connection. There is no need to cut the main line.


** The saddle's colour may vary

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