NETAFIM Woodpecker Junior Dripper 0.5 GPH, Micro Tubing and Stake Kit

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IS 01WPCJL2AW-18-1-config

Netafim's complete set of dripper, stake and micro-tube is ideal for indoor crops, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, vineyards, fruit trees such as figs or any other crops requiring water control.

The Woodpecker Junior dripper of 2 liters per hour allows medium irrigation. The dripper is designed to deliver water and nutrients evenly. The precise amount of water and fertilizer is sent directly to each pot resulting in rapid and even growth. In general, it is possible to obtain a uniformity of approximately 95%, despite unevenness, and long distances with small diameter polyethylene pipes. It also offers resistance to clogging with its unique design, the water turbulence avoids the accumulation of debris. The set is also available with 1,2 / 3 / 4 liters per hour drippers.

The Netafim stake allows the water to be routed to the desired location. Simply insert the stake into the media to irrigate the desired location. Many sprinkler systems do not cover the entire surface to be irrigated; this creates wetter areas and drier ones.

Netafim's flexible micro-tube allows precise and localized irrigation according to your needs. The flexible micro hose makes it easy to position and move the stake to the exact spot you need it. It is available in 4 pre-cut lengths, 18-24-30 and 36 inches.

For all your irrigation needs, our team offers turnkey solutions. Our expertise will allow you to realize your projects.

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Product No. Flow Length (Micro tube) Components
IS 01WPCJL2AW-18-1 0.5 GHP 18'' PCJ Dripper
Reversible Angle Barbed Stake
18'' Netafim Black/White Co-Extruded Micro Tube
IS 01WPCJL2AW-24-1 0.5 GHP 24'' PCJ Dripper
Reversible Angle Barbed Stake
24'' Netafim Blanck/White co-extruded Micro Tube
IS 01WPCJL2AW-30-1 0.5 GHP 30'' PCJ Dripper
Reversible Angle Barbed Stake
30'' Netafim Blanck/White co-extruded Micro Tube
IS 01WPCJL2AW-36-1 0.5 GHP 36'' PCJ Dripper
Reversible Angle Barbed Stake
36'' Netafim Blanck/White co-extruded Micro Tube

The set includes a reversible stake with a barbed part. This part can be removed allowing the stake to be used as a plug. Be careful, it is preferable not to repeat this function too often to prevent the micro tube from getting damaged and stretched. Therefore, if it occurs, cut the loose part of the micro tube before reinserting the stake.

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