NETAFIM spray Stake

IS 01SSYL-B-config

Spray Stake Assemblies are designed and matched to the container shape producing uniform and accurate wetting patterns for Nursery Containers.

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Product No. Description Color Flow Average
Spray Pattern
IS 01SSYL-B Choose this option Spray Stake Yellow 3 gph 160° Choose this option
IS 01SSGN-B Choose this option Spray Stake Green 5 gph 160° Choose this option
IS 01SSBK-B Choose this option Spray Stake Black 7 gph 160° Choose this option

Netafim Spray Stake Assemblies are specifically designed and matched to the container shape producing uniform and accurate wetting patterns for Nursery Containers from 3 to 30 gallons in size. They are an excellent solution where the primary means of fertilization is top dressing and where very coarse textured bark mixes are used.


Netafim Spray Stake Assemblies provide unsurpassed uniformity to each plant. The precise amount of water, and fertilizer are delivered directly to each container producing a fast growing, evenly sized crop. Most sprinkler systems lack uniform coverage and this creates both wet and dry areas. Plant foliage can interfere with the water reaching the container resulting in overwatering. With Netafim Spray Stake Assemblies, 94% uniformity, even on slopes, and longer runs with smaller polyethylene supply laterals can be achieved. 


Since all the water is delivered directly to the container, there is no overspray in the aisles or water run-off between plants. This saves water, fertilizer and energy costs. 


Manufactured from quality plastics with high levels of UV inhibitors, Netafim Spray Stake Assemblies provide durability in direct sunlight lowering replacement costs and providing years of reliable service. 


Netafim Spray Stakes are specifically designed and better matched to the container shape. Our solutions are designed to wet the soil surface evenly to maximize water retention by the soil mix and evenly release liquid or timed-release fertilizers. 


Both the PCNL and standard Spray Stakes feature close-off capabilities that are simple and quick. This prevents dirt getting jammed into the tubing and provides a highly visible cue that the stake is closed, not open.

Spray Stakes - remove the tubing from the top of the Spray Stake and attach the tubing to the close-off nipple located on the side of the stake. 


Netafim Spray Stakes now have a spray direction indicator for faster, accurate installations. The directional indicator provides a hand-feel as well as visual cue to the spray direction so installers don't need to stop and study each stake to ensure proper spray direction.


Netafim Spray Stakes are available in two styles: 

Non-Pressure Compensating Assemblies are available in three flow rates with applications based on the container size. 

Yellow Spray Stake, 3.0 gph, used with 3 to 5 gallon containers 
Green Spray Stake, 5.0 gph, used with 5 to 10 gallon containers 
Black Spray Stake, 7.0 gph, used with 10 to 30 gallon containers 

Flow Rate (Spray Stakes)

PSI Yellow Green Black
15 3.3 gph 4.6 gph 6.0 gph
20 3.8 gph 5.3 gph 6.9 gph
25 4.2 gph 6.0 gph 7.7 gph

Spray stakes netafim

Spray stakes netafim
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