NDS LO-FLO Series 3/4'' - Water hammer arrestor kit | Dilution Solutions

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The anti-hammer shut-off valve assembly is used to prevent the potential damaging effects of water hammer. The NDS system makes the process of mixing and distributing nutrients easier.

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3/4" NDS

LO-FLO Series 3/4'' - Water-Powered System (Flow range of 2 - 10 GPM)

Dilution solutions's NDS is divided into kits. The Water hammer arrestor kit is use to prevent the potential damaging effects of water hammer which is defined as a pressure surge or wave caused when a fluid in motion is forced to stop or change directions suddenly. The Water-Powered Nutrient Delivery System by Dilution Solutions makes the process of blending and dispensing nutrients easier and more efficient.

Kit includes: • 3/4'' MPT • 11 3/16'' tall • Stainless steel water hammer arrestor • Nipple • Tee • Elbows • Teflon® tape • Union • Normal operating pressure 35 to 500 PSI • Spike pressure not to exceed 2,000 PSI

To complete the LO-FLO Nutrient Delivery System, you will also need Dosatron Injectors, the Mixing chamber kit, the Standard starter kit, the Monitor Kit or the END Kit. 

*Parts ordered may look slightly different than the picture displayed, but the fit and function will be the same.

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