Mini-Pepline Emitterline 1/4" | Jain

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GODI SD252-6-01

Ideal for moderate water coverage in areas such as shrubs, perennials, garden beds and for meandering around trees. The Mini-Pepline is a polyethylene tube with pressure compensating emitters installed internally that delivers easily and evenly water to the plants.

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  • Standard 1/4″ barbed fittings 
  • Operating pressure range: 10 - 50 PSI
  • Wall thickness is .040″
  • Filtration requirements is 150 mesh 
  • Emitter flow rate is 5 GPH (nominal at 10 PSI)
  • Inside diameter (I.D) : 0.170″
  • Outside diameter (O.D) : 0.250’’


  • UV resistant material
  • Molded and uncut silicone diaphragm
  • Reduced risk of clogging with patented Cascade Labyrinth technology 
  • Has an anti-root barrier that prevents roots and debris from entering the line.
  • Designed to provide continuous flushing of sediment and small particles with the hydrodynamic emitter

*Note that there is no emitter on the first and last 5 feet of the roll.

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