Micro-Sprinkler irrigation kit 150sq.ft to 250sq.ft

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IK F-FNF-050-09

This micro-sprinkler irrigation system was developed in collaboration with Dany Bouchard and Vincent Marcoux, market gardeners, trainers and co-founders of the Académie Potagère.

The micro-sprinkler irrigation system is designed primarily for crops that are higher to the ground or crops that are denser and closer together. Overhead irrigation is ideal for irrigating seedlings and transplants to give them a head start in their growth. Moist soil is more likely to germinate. The advantage of this type of sprinkler irrigation is that it can be installed on the ground, for example, for flower beds and gardens, and it can be installed in the air for greenhouse crops. The sprinkling allows a beautiful uniformity and a beautiful production, because it avoids creating very dry or too wet zones, because it is well dosed and distributed on the surface. That said, disease, mold and other risks of over-soaked soil are avoided. Moreover, balance is the solution, because sprinkler irrigation helps control periods that are too dry and therefore the appearance of spiders and other insects attracted by this type of temperature, which is often more frequent in greenhouses. It is thanks to the different jets of the sprinkler system and the crossings of the different stations that the crops will remain protected.

The set includes 9 sprinklers that will cover areas up to 250 ft² depending on your needs. Fast-N-Fast's barbed connector and cap prevent damage to the hose when you want to move a sprinkler and connect it to another location. In addition, you have two options when purchasing the complete sprinkler system.

First, you can irrigate with the purple and violet nozzles that will spray mist in a 5 ft diameter. They are designed mainly for flower beds and residential gardens for home gardening.

The second option is to irrigate with the yellow nozzles combined with the brown nozzles to water in a 10 ft diameter which will be more of a droplet form, and this is for larger gardens such as organic gardens.

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  • Easy maintenance.
  • Possibility of using the sprinkler system on the ground or in the air.
  • Easy installation and complete step-by-step guide to assist you.
  • Uniformity of watering
  • Better performance
  • Facilitates the growth of seedlings and transplants
  • Better drought control
  • Reduction of diseases
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