Spinnet Micro-Sprinkler with Anti-Drain Valve

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IS 03551200070GL-config
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Product No. Flow (GPH) Pressure (PSI) Bay Width (ft) Nozzle Anti-Drain Valve
IS 0355120070BLB 18.4 30 10' to 16' Red, Red, Blue With
Anti-Drain Valve
IS 03551200070LB 18.4 30 15' to 16' Red, Red, Grey With
Anti-Drain Valve
IS 03551200070GL 18.4 30 18' to 22' Red, Red, Green With
Anti-Drain Valve
IS 0355160090BLB 23.4 30 14' to 15' Brown, Brown, Blue With
Anti-Drain Valve
IS 03552000090L 23.4 30 16' to 18' Brown, Yellow, Grey With
Anti-Drain Valve
IS 03551600090GL 23.4 30 20' to 24' Brown, Brown, Green With
Anti-Drain Valve

Bridgeless Micro-Sprinkler


Greenhouses, Nurseries, Net-houses.


  • Bridgeless design.
  • Micro-sprinkler, 2 different flow rates: 18.4 gph & 23.4 gph @ 30 PSI (recommended working pressure)
  • Recommended filtration : 130 micron / 120 mesh 
  • Inlet connector: Press fit.
  • 3 different rotors:
    LR - High trajectory, colored green
    FLT - Flat distributor, colored gray
    SR - Low trajectory , colored blue


  • SpinNet™ micro-sprinklers are constructed without a "bridge" to retain the spinner, producing a drip-less operation.This means that plants located below the sprinklers are not damaged from water dripping off the sprinkler.SpinNet™ hangs below the supply pipe preventing wetting of the pipe and dripping onto the plants below.
  • Interchangeable components. SpinNet™ micro-sprinklers can be disassembled by hand should they need cleaning- no tools are required.
  • Acid resistant (AA) raw materials, thus allowing the application chemicals to pass through the system. The system can be cleaned by application of suitable acid treatments.
  • Excellent uniformity distribution on a full coverage irrigation system.
  • Strongly recommended to connect the SpinNet™ to the distribution pipe with a polyethylene (PE) micro-tube,a specifically designed stabilizer and AD valve (anti-drain) that will prevent distribution pipe drainage.

Netafim micro-sprinkler selection guide

Netafim micro-sprinkler selection guide

Spinnet micro-sprinkler without anti-leak - netafim

Spinnet micro-sprinkler without anti-leak - netafim
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