Grey Geotextile Membrane | TX-70

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Product No. Roll Size Roll Weight Quote required
TATX1,75X30 5,7' x 98'
1,75 m X 30 m
24 lb / 11 kg
TATX1.75X150 5,7' x 492'
1,75 m X 150 m
98 lb / 44,5 kg
TATX3,5X150 11,5' x 492'
3,5 m X 150 m
195 lb / 88,5 kg X

This geotextile membrane is frequently used by landscapers to create a solid and stable base, offering a better control of erosion, before the installation of rocks or pavement. Made of ultra-resistant material, the membrane is not affected by frost and defrost. It can also be used when creating a pond, for more stability and to prevent movement of the bottom or sides of the basin.


  • Ideal for greenhouses, nurseries and landscapers
  • Can be cut, will not fray
  • Polypropylene / Polyester
  • Needlepunched Nonwoven
  • Color = Grey
  • Thickness = 0,9 mm
  • Long Lifespan
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