Manual Stirrup Hoe


The Growers&Co. oscillating hoe is indispensable when it comes to weeding our vegetable garden. The oscillating blade with two sharp ends and the handle made of ash allows for hoeing at ground level without having to get into bad postures. The oscillating hoe allows precise and complete weeding between rows.

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Product No. Hoe tip width Tool Length
OUTKTHBINETTE3,25 Choose this option 3.25''
8.26 cm
1.5 m
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OUTKTHBINETTE5 Choose this option 5''
12.7 cm
1.5 m
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OUTKTHBINETTE7 Choose this option 7''
17.78 cm
1.5 m
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  • High-quality sharpened steel blade
  • Wood handle for superior durability and higher reach
  • Some assembly required


  • Handle length: 152.4 cm (60")
  • Weight: 4,5 lbs
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