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The three-row hand seeder accurately and quickly sows every small and large seed with easily interchangeable rollers, saving you both time and money. This seeder has three rows and three hoppers, with the option of adjusting the space between rows from 3" to 6".

The multitude of wheels that can be fitted on the seeder will allow you to find the ideal adjustment according to the size of your seeds.  


*Each hopper requires a roller to allow the seeder to work and these are not supplied, get them on our site by clicking here.

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Seed drills with different numbers of rows and hoppers are available on our site. A seeder with more rows and hoppers allows for even faster seeding, while a seeder with fewer rows is better suited for narrow fields and is more maneuverable. The main advantage of the JP-3 seeder over other models is the possibility to equip a total of 5 hoppers on it while being less expensive than the JP-5. Each hopper requires its own roller to be able to function properly:

Single row seeder

Two-row seeder

Five row seeder


  • This seeder has three rows and three hoppers.
  • The spacing between each row can go from 3'' to 6'' when used with three hoppers.
  • The transparent plastic hopper allows you to see the quantity of seed remaining.
  • Volume of each hopper: 0.26 gallon (1.18 liter).
  • A chart to identify which wheel to use according to seed size is molded into the hopper lid.
  • Functional even with a small amount of seed in the hopper.
  • No seed loss.
  • Easy to change hopper.
  • Possibility to equip up to 5 hoppers.
  • Semoir compatible avec l’attelage à 3 points.
  • Uses anti-abrasion plastic wheels to avoid static electricity.

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Mechanical transplanter brochure - web
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