Heavy Duty Broadfork with Four Prongs


The heavy-duty, four-tine broadfork is made of high-strength alloy steel.  
The curved steel tines and handles are rigorously welded to provide an ideal tool for working in heavy or rocky soil. 
* No assembly required 

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Tool Length Int. width Teeth Length Number of teeth Weight
118.11 cm
48.25 cm
30.48 cm
4 15 lb
6.8 kg

This high-strength alloy steel broadfork has four (4) curved tines and handles to facilitate soil aeration. 

It is an ergonomic tool used to loosen the soil without turning it over, unlike the traditional hoe. The use of the broadfork is based on a leverage technique; push the tool vertically, bring the handles towards you, move back one step moving the handles from right to left to break up the clods. This tool will allow you to obtain a well aerated soil quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its sturdiness, this broadfork can even be used in hard or rocky soils. 

*Caution: The soil must be prepared before use and in no case should the tool be used for plowing.

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