Harrow Support for Terrateck Hoes


The harrow support is supporting the seven springs used to hoe the soil. The support can be inserted into the single or the two-wheel hoe.

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Height Weight
147 mm
0.8 kg
1.7 lb

The spiked chain harrow support for hoes is used to support the harrow’ seven springs that hoe the soil. The support is inserted in a single-wheel hoe and with a two-wheel hoe. It can also be inserted in the second tool support. 

These screwed, fine or heavy prongs provide different combinations on the support:

  • The middle prong can be removed to avoid working on the row when the harrow is used on a two-wheel hoe
  • A spring is installed in the middle to lightly work on the row and three heavy springs are put on for working between rows


*Sold without the springs

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