Flexible suction hose

IKBO SUCC-F-1.25X5-config

Suction hose kit including a flexible hose and the necessary valves to transfer water to a tank. The hoses are available in many sizes.

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As low as USD$40.98
Product No. Diameter Coil Length
IKBO SUCC-F-1.25X5P Choose this option 1-1/4" 5' Choose this option
IKBO SUCC-F-1.5X5P Choose this option 1-1/2'' 5' Choose this option
IKBO SUCC-F-2.0X05P Choose this option 2'' 5' Choose this option
IKBO SUCC-F-2.0X15P Choose this option 2'' 15' Choose this option

Flexible suction units are used to transfer water to a pump for irrigation purposes. The unit’s hoses are available in several sizes.

The unit includes, among others, a PVC flexible suction hose, a Maxi-Clamp and an aluminum Camlock shank coupler is fixed to the hose to provide a solid connection on the pump. 

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