Double Tomato Hook with White Twine

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Product No. Hook Size Twine Length Weight Weight per meter
FTOMFICCRO2,0 9,6" x 3"
24,5 cm x 7,5 cm
32,8' + 6,6'
10 m + 2 m
0.09 lb / 41 gr 1200m / kg
18 cm
39.3’ + 6.6’
12.5 m + 2.5 m
N/D 1500m / kg
18 cm
45,9' + 9,8'
14 m + 3 m
0,07 lb
31.75 gr
1200m / kg
FTOMFICCRO3,5 9,6" x 3"
24,5 cm x 7,5 cm
32,8' + 11,5'
10 m + 3,5 m
0.0925 lb / 42 gr 1200m / kg
22 cm
39.37’ + 13.12’
12 m + 4 m
0.093 lb
42 gr
1200m / kg

The double tomato hook with twine is used in greenhouse tomato production. It makes trellising easier, in addition to providing strong support. This hook type is very fast and easy to install, thus saving considerable time. The twine is divided into two sections on the hook, i.e. the fall (calculated before installation) and the spare. The former is used immediately, while the latter is only used if required.


The double tomato hook with twine is hung above the plants on a steel wire and is used with the lowering system, meaning enough twine must be unrolled to reach the foot of the plant. A tomato clip is used to keep the rope at the base of the plant. During growth, it is important to guide the tomato plant along the twine by rolling the stems around it and adding other clips under the main branches. Ensure that the twine is properly tight by adjusting its length with the spare, if required. At harvest, tension may be released by unrolling the twine to make it easier to reach tomatoes at the top of the plant.



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