Hose Clamp 2 ears

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IC OET-1113-config

Oetiker Clamp

The steel two-ear Oetiker clamp can firmly secure rubber hoses, plastic tubes, electrical cables and air hoses. This clamp is suitable for several types of diameters, thus making it easier to use with thick-walled hoses or hoses with a higher compression factor. When both ears are closed, there is a higher clamping force to adapt the clamp to expansion changes that may be caused by thermal effects or vibrations.



  • The clamp is fully closed when both ears are distorted
  • Sturdy design for adequate tightness
  • Quick and easy to install- Multiple uses (maintenance, repair, services, etc.)
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Product No. Size Closed Open
IC OET-1113 1/2'' 0.433'' 0.512''
IC OET-1315 9/16'' 0.512'' 0.591''
IC OET-1720 3/4'' 0.669'' 0.787''
IC OET-2327 1'' 0.905'' 1.063''
IC OET-2528 1-1/16'' 0.984'' 1.012''
IC OET-2731 1-1/8'' 1.063'' 1.22''
IC OET-3134 1-5/16'' 1.22'' 1.339''
IC OET-3437 1-7/16'' 1.339'' 1.457''
IC OET-3740 1-1/2'' 1.457'' 1.575''


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