Clear PVC Pipe Steel Wire-Reinforced / Feet

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Bend Radius Pressure Suction Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
2.0 inch 75 PSI 28 in Hg 1/2'' 0.72''

The ¾” ID and 1.06” OD clear PVC pipe is extremely flexible. 


  • Bend radius: 2.0” 
  • Weight: 24 lb/100 feet 
  • Pressure: 75 psi 
  • Suction : 28 in Hg 
  • Temperature variation: -10oC-65oC (15oF-150oF) 
  • Recommended couplings: cam and groove, or threaded nipples. 


Characteristics and benefits

  • Spiral steel wire-reinforced pipe


WARNING: The hose is not designed to be used under pressure at temperatures exceeding 25oC (75oF).

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