Clear greenhouse film


A high-clarity, tri-layer covering for four years with UV protection and anti-dust additive.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : it is the client's responsibility to properly evaluate the size of greenhouse film needed. No returns are accepted for this product.

*Due to its larger size and/or weight, handling and/or heavy transport fees will be added to the selected product at the time of payment.

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As low as USD$293.09
Product No. Width Length Thickness Weight
TUBETUFIV2010006 Choose this option 20'
6.10 m
30.48 m
6 mil 57.6 lb
26.13 kg
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TUBETUFIV2410006 Choose this option 24'
7.32 m
30.48 m
6 mil 69.12 lb
31.35 kg
Choose this option
TUBETUFIV3210006 Choose this option 32'
9.75 m
30.48 m
6 mil 92.16 lb
41.73 kg
Choose this option
TUBETUFIV4010006 Choose this option 40'
12.19 m
30.48 m
6 mil 115.2 lb
52.16 kg
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Benefits and features

  • Helps protect from pests, disease, and harsh weather conditions
  • Helps increase yields with the use of a covered structure
  • Helps to increase profitability due to extended growing season
  • May reduce delays in harvest due to rainfall
  • May minimize the use of pesticide and fungicide applications
  • Easily assembled and affordable
  • Protects crops from rain and strong winds


The use of sulfur in any form and/or sulfur of chlorine containing pesticides, as well as soil fumigation, will reduce the lifetime of this film.

If traces of sulfur or chlorine or other aggressive substances, above certain limits, are found in the film, the warranty will no longer be valid.


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