Cascade Drip Tape


The irrigation pipe drip tape drop by drop Cascade is used in a range of crops to reduce water consumption, improve crop quality and increase crop yields.

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Cascade drip tape

The Cascade drip tape is used with several crops to reduce water consumption, improve crop quality and increase crop yields. Due to the durability of its material, it may be installed on the surface of the soil, under the plastic or underground. The flat emitters are designed and manufactured using the Cascade Labyrinth Technology, a revolutionary technology that is a real breakthrough in the field of low flow drip tape systems. The unique structure of the Cascade Labyrinth self cleans, which guarantees higher clogging resistance and superior performance.

A Double Flow system

The labyrinths inside the emitters are larger, generating a double flux system combining a rapid tortuous central flux with a series of vortices. This double system creates a powerful turbulence permitting a more efficient self-cleansing action. The impurities and fine sand particulates which slip past the filtration system are constantly evacuated, therefore preventing their settling. This continuous flushing of the system improves the longevity of the product.


Hydraulic feature of the labyrinth

The regulating ratio of the Cascade labyrinth is 1:2.2 - while the pressure is doubled, the flow rate changes only by 45%.


  • Reliable use of low-volume drippers
  • Unique self-cleaning operation
  • Wider water passages
  • Very high resistance to clogging
  • Long-term flow accuracy and uniformity
  • Longer laterals
  • Lower costs per area
  • Extended product life


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