Cadman hose caddy 6010


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Model Hose diameter Number of hose Total hose Length
6010 6'' (15.24 cm)
8'' (20.32 cm)
6600' (2.01 km)
5280' (1.6 km)

The hose caddy is designed to carry manure and fertilizers over great distances to spread them on your fields.

Cadman’s 6010 model can support ten 660’ (201.16 m) hoses with a 6” (15.24 cm) diameter. The hose can thus extend over a distance of 6600’ (2.01 km). The other possibility is having eight 660’ (201.16 m) hoses with a 8” (20.32 cm) diameter. This time, the hose can extend over a distance of 5,280’ (1.6 km). The spool on which the hoses are wound is corrosion resistant and equipped with a manual brake. Hi-floatation 44 x 18.00-20 tires support the reel and makes it easy to move in the fields. This model also has a hydraulic pivoting tongue and hydraulic hose retrieval. A rear hose roller and hose guide bar are also available as options.

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