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IS DR610F-config
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Product No. Flow Rate Pressure Weight
IS DR510 0.5 GPM 40 PSI 2.56 oz.
72.57 gr.
IS DR610SF 0.5 GPM 40 PSI 3.84 oz.
108.86 gr.
IS DR610F 1 GPM 40 PSI 4.2 oz.
119.07 gr.
IS DR610L 2 GPM 40 PSI 4.2 oz.
119.07 gr.
IS DR610H 4 GPM 40 PSI 4.2 oz.
119.07 gr.
IS DR540 18-20 GPM 40 PSI 10.24 oz.
290.30 gr.

The DRAMM Fogg-It Nozzle is designed for misting delicate seedlings or for raising humidity around wilting plants. This nozzle has three mist jets which create a conical spray pattern.

Female 3/4'' GHT thread.

Available in many sizes: 0.5 GPM (Gallon per minute), 1 GPM, 2 GPM, 4 GPM or 18-20 GPM

The Fogg-it nozzles can be connected to DRAMM Water Handles 

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