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200' and 500' Black plastic mulch film for garden eliminates weeds increases soil temperature and allows rapid root growth and prevents erosion from water.

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Product No. Length Roll Thickness Roll Weight
PABPNO36500 36'' x 500'
91 cm x 153 m
1.0 mil 6.71 lb
(3.05 kg)
PABPNO48200 48'' x 200'
(122 cm x 61 m)
1.0 mil 4.57 lb
(2.07 kg)
PABPNO48500 48'' x 500'
(122 cm x 153 m)
1.0 mil 8.95 lb
(4.06 kg)


  • Eliminates weeds
  • Increases soil temperature and allows rapid root growth
  • Prevents erosion from water
  • Protects fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the ground so the crop remains clean and there are less plant diseases
  • This product is not biodegradable

*These mulch film rolls are not designed to be installed with a mulch layers machine. Please refer to the tips section for installation.


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