Black Substrate Half meter | 8 liters

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Substrate troughs are specially-designed for growing strawberries and other fleshy berries requiring larger substrate volume. They are adapted for use in glass greenhouses or on metal supports. They can be installed on metal gutters. Two sizes are available, i.e. a 4.7-litre container and an 8-litre container. 


The containers prevent roots from growing outside the pot or on the ground canvas. Their sizes, as well as their unique drainage holes, allow for optimal water and air management. The base of the 4.7-litre pot has 8 drainage holes and a grid to prevent substrate leaching, while the 8-litre container has 10 holes.


The pots can be mechanically handled and are easy to unfold. Made of polypropylene, they can be cleaned with high-pressure steam and this is done every year, before and after use, for full sterilization to prevent bacterial resistance. The containers are designed for long-term use.



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