Gripple Trellising Anchors


Anchor for sandy and loamy soils

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Product No. Steel Wire Length Cable Material Sold in pack of :
FANCRGP3X4FT Choose this option 5/32'' x 3'
4 mm x 0.91 m
Galavanize steel 5 Choose this option
FANCRGP4X4FT Choose this option 1/4'' x 4'
6 mm x 1.22 m
Galavanize steel 5 Choose this option
FANCRGP4X5FT Choose this option 1/4'' x 5'
6.0 mm x 1.52 m
Galvanized Steel 5 Choose this option

Below ground, the Gripple Trellising Anchor creates a strong anchor point that is instantly loaded and performs in sandy or loamy soil types. This technology anchors end-posts in vineyards and secures trellising systems. No digging or special preparation is required. Its installation can be eight times faster than with traditional methods.

Tested and proven internationally in a variety of soils, the Gripple anchor is easy to install with a driving tool (bar) and a sledgehammer. It can be installed faster when using pneumatic or heat driving tools, even on hard, pebbly soils.


  • No pre-digging or ground preparation required
  • Includes everything you need to anchor above and below ground
  • Time and labor saving
  • Universal end fixing for both wooden and metal posts
  • Heavy galvanization for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Undamaged soil structure
  • Versatile
  • Quick installation
  • Tip of installation tool maximizing the anchor's useful life

    Gripple Trellising Anchor Installation Instruction

    1. Put the anchor at a distance equal to 80% of the post’s length above the ground.

    2. Position the anchor vertically with the base toward the row.

    3. For optimal installation, put the anchor at a depth of one meter. 


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