Floating row cover | AGRYL P-17


The Agryl P-17 floating row cover is a non-woven cover without reinforced edges of very good quality, which creates a microclimate favorable to the growth. Its operation is simple, it is by increasing the temperature and by preserving the humidity of the soil that it allows the plants to grow more quickly. It thus offers very effective crop protection against cold and frost.

Possible applications

  • Fields
  • Tunnels and greenhouses (in spring and fall only to avoid overheating the crops in the middle of summer).

Note that the Dubois Agrinovation team strongly recommends the use of hoops to protect plants. By using hoops, you avoid smothering and causing stress to your crops and will help them grow.

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Note that this product will be delivered by heavy transport.

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Product No. Dimension Dimension Weight
NOVA2,2X15BP Choose this option 2.2 m x 15 m 7' x 50' - Choose this option
AGRY2,2X250 Choose this option 2.2 m x 250 m 7' x 820' 21.78 lb Choose this option
NOVA3,4X15BP Choose this option 3.4 m x 15 m 11' x 50' - Choose this option
AGRY3,4X100 Choose this option 3.4 m x 100 m 11' x 328' 18.00 lb Choose this option
AGRY3,4X250 Choose this option 3.4 m x 250 m 11' x 820' 33.66 lb Choose this option


  • Premium quality floating row cover
  • Microclimate favorable to crop growth
  • Protection against extreme conditions
  • High water and air permeability to ensure uniform field temperature
  • Earlier growth
  • Increased yields
  • Very good resistance to weed invasion
  • Weight without reinforced edge: (18gr/m²) (0.52 oz/ft²)
  • Poids sans bord renforcé : (18gr/m²) (0.52 oz/pi²)


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