The best equipment makes the best nurseries.

Produce your finest plants with our complete range of products and equipment for nurseries and tree production.


The best equipment makes the best nurseries.

Irrigation solutions

Our irrigation products guarantee precise, efficient watering for healthy plant growth. Discover the brands and products most appreciated by nurserymen and tree growers:

  • Aquamat and Aquathermat: capillary irrigation and heating mats specially designed for growing plants in containers.
  • Drip, sprinkler, micro-sprinkler and dripper systems for uniform, precise irrigation.
  • Irrigation booms, fertilizer injectors, pumps, control valves, filters, and more.
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Irrigation solutions

High-performance horticultural equipment

Our products are specially designed to make managing your nursery or tree production easier.

  • Protect your plants with our indispensable and durable Proteknet insect nets.
  • Cover your production areas, tables, floors and retail areas with our hard-wearing ground covers.
  • Prune your trees with precision with our manual and electric pruners.
  • Maintain your crops with our resistant ties and stakes.
  • Harvest efficiently with our growing containers.
  • And much more.
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High-performance horticultural equipment

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Dubois Agrinovation is an official certified repair and maintenance center for your FELCO electric tools. Let us take care of your pruning shears to extend their warranty and lifespan.

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