Accessories for Jang Automation Clean Seeder

PIMEC JP-TD1000D-config

Various accessories for your JP seeder: JPDS double shoe, row marker and double disc opener for Jang Automation seeder.

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Product No. Description
PIMEC JP-TP1000D Choose this option Double Disc Opener Choose this option
PIMEC JP-JPDS Choose this option JPDS Double Shoe Choose this option
PIMEC JP-JPEXT Choose this option Hopper Extension - Triples Hopper Capacity Choose this option
PIMEC JP-JJPRM Choose this option Row Marker Choose this option

There are several tools that can be used with the Jang, each offering their own specific uses.

  • The double disc opener (PIMEC JP-TP1000D) will help clear the way if there is an accumulation of trash or residue. It is not intended to supplement "no-till". However, it is suggested for soils that require very light preparation before plowing.
  • The double shoe (PIMEC JP-JPDS) allows to plant the seeds in two rows spaced of 2'' (5,08 cm). It is used only with the 24-hole roller - the divider drops the seed on each side in a staggered pattern, creating 2 rows of 12 holes. It is ideal for green onions, carrots and more. When used with the ME-JP-3 model, 3 double shoes plant 6 rows of seed. Before using it, the standard shoe is removed.
  • The row marker (PIMEC JP-JJPRM) is mounted on a round bar and is fixed with an adjusting screw. Simply loosen the adjusting screw and move the marker by 225° and replace the adjusting screw.

Jang automation seeder manual

Jang automation seeder manual
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