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All-in-One Watering System

The 250' heavy-duty drip watering system is great for vegetable gardens, cedar hedges, and even green roofs. You can get several different designs simply by connecting it to an outside faucet. Sprinklers can also be installed for more versatility (not included in the kit).

This kit primarily differentiates itself by its very robust and flexible drip tape, the same used in orchards. Its durability and increased resistance provide an average useful life of 15-20 years and its special design makes it very effective in avoiding clogging.


  • High quality product
  • Useful life up to 20 years
  • Precise, consistent watering
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Good rodent resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals


Qty # Item Description
1  IG BG-199S-1212  Brass Swivel Coupling FHT X FPT 3/4''
1  IB 33-075S155   Filter 3/4'' 155 Mesh
1  IV PR-075-L-35   Pressure Regulator [email protected] GPM - 35 PSI - 3/4FTP
 II 861104   Nipple 3/4'' x 1-3/8'' (CL) SCH 80 
1  II 405007   Tee 3/4'' FIPT x FIPT x FIPT 
 II 439098   Reducing Bushing 3/4'' x 1/4'' MIPT x FIPT 
 IE PG-60   Pressure gauge STD 0-60 PSI 
1  IB 31-H6TH75   Male Adaptor Serie 600 x 3/4'' MIPT 
12   IB 31-HT666   Tee Serie 200 
1 rlx 50'  BO EHD1650-005  Poly Hose 0,600 / 0,700 X Foot 
 IB 31-HE66   Elbow Serie 600 
28   IB 31-HV66   Valve Serie 600 
 1 rlx 250'  GODI PCS1853-122  BlueLine® Hose 18mm - 250'  
30   IB IPS1500  Anchor stake for hose 10-20mm
3    IB 31-HC600  Coupling Serie 600
1  IG TT520  Teflon Roll Tape 1/2''

User guide 250 heavy duty drip irrigation kit bioplus

User guide 250 heavy duty drip irrigation kit bioplus
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