Ultra Concentrate Nature's Pond Conditioner

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Nature's Pond Ultra Concentrate Conditioner is a natural blend that breaks down and consumes excess nutrients in your pond or lake.

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Ultra Concentrate Nature's Pond Conditioner

Nature's Pond Ultra Concentrate is an all-natural blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and plant extracts that decompose and consume excess nutrients in your pond or lake. Nature's Pond products are perfect for your pond or lake management needs. Nature's Pond's goal is to:

  • Simplify the maintenance of your pond
  • Providing you with a comprehensive and proven pond care solution
  • Keeping your water healthy all year round
  • Offer you natural products that are safe for people, animals, birds, fish, wildlife, crops and lawn


The excessive presence of nutrients is a dangerous and costly problem affecting ponds and lakes in North America and elsewhere. Industrial pollutants, runoff of fertilizers, wastes from fish and other animals, and some household detergents flow into ponds and lakes, which considerably increases the presence of nutrients in the water. This situation affects the pond by generating an accumulation of mud making the water cloudy and an increased presence of algae, including toxic blue-green algae.

Features & Benefits


  • Cleans and clarifies water
  • Reduces the pond's mud level to 12 inches per year
  • Reduces bad odorsImproves the color of the waterImproves water quality for fish and livestock
  • Seasonal applications keep water healthy all year round
  • Prevents the spread of gas that can cause fish death
  • Potential reduction in insect reproduction
  • Easy to apply
  • It is sufficient to pour it according to the instructions
  • All-in-one treatment eliminates the need to use multiple pond treatment products
  • Natural and safe for people, animals, birds, fish, wildlife and livestock
  • Can be used after the herbicide or algaecide treatment to remove decomposing organic matter and prevent the accumulation of mud in the pond


Treatment recommendation

Area :

  • Up to 3/4 acres: Use: 1 Gallon
  • Up to 2 acres Use: 2.5 Gallon
  • Up to 4 acres: Use: 5 Gallon



  • 5-6 feet: Use Recommended Treatment
  • 10-12 feet: double the amount of treatment
  • 15-17 feet: triple the amount of treatment


Adapt the treatment of your pond according to the climate:

  • Hot: 3-4 treatments per year: March, May, July, September
  • Moderate: 2-3 treatments per year: May, July, September
  • Cold: 2 treatments per year: June, September


** Additional information: Storage of the product below 0OC may cause the ingredients to overlap. Shake well before using. Fishing, swimming and irrigation can be practiced immediately after application.

IMPORTANT: Observe normal hygiene practices when using bioactive products.

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