Tubex Protection Tubes With Straps

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Product No. Tube Lenght Tube Diameter Qty Units Qty Straps Tube Width Requires Quote
FTUBEX755 30 ''
75 cm
2,9'' - 4,1''
7,3 cm - 10,5 cm
5 2 2,9 '' to 4,1 ''
7,3 cm to 10,5 cm

The Tubex protection tubes with straps are rigid tubular protections with a honeycombed and hollow green double-wall. They provide a triple protection: physical (animals, tools, etc.), chemical (weed killers) and biological (no aerial contamination of diseases). They are made of photo-degradable polypropylene with an UV treatment giving them a life span of 5 to 6 years, according to the supplier.

Usage tips

Tubex tubes are suitable for all types of ground. They must be fastened with the help of the straps to a stake positioned on the outside. The base of the tube must be slightly pushed to the ground. The curved edge should be directed upwards to prevent abrasion of the plant on its way out.


  • Upper edge flared to avoid abrasion of the plant on its way out
  • Rigid tubular double cell wall protection for better strength / weight ratio
  • Delivered with one or two straps, depending on the selected size.

* Each pack of 5 tubes is shiped with tubes enclosed one in the other, resulting in each of the 5 having a slightly different width, going from 2,9 '' to 4,1 '' (7,3 cm to 10,5 cm).

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