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46’’ x 49’
1,17 m x 15 m

This cover is made with white non-woven polyester fiber and covered with a micro perforated white polyethylene film. It is used to protect plants against snow, ice, drying wind, and sudden temperature variations caused by freezing and thawing.



  • U.V. treated
  • White non-woven fabric
  • Protects your plants in hardy zones of 3-4-5 and more
  • Increases light reflection
  • Protects against drying wind
  • Durable and reusable

Installation and maintenance

  1. Before reaching night frost of -10˚C, cover all plants in pots, regrouped, laid down, or according to your needs.
  2. It is important to anchor and seal all edges to prevent wind infiltration and cold air by placing wood laths and put concrete blocks every 10-12 feet or on the lath joints.
  3. Remove covers when there is no risk of temperature reaching below -10˚C.
  4. Dry covers and store them away from sun and rain.
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