Suction-Fitted Fertilizer Injection Accessory to weld

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The pump suction-fitted fertilizer injection accessory makes it possible to fertilize your field crops with your irrigation system. It is equipped with a 1/2" ball valve to turn fertilization on and off, as well as a 1/2" gate valve to control the fertilizer injection flow. The suction base consists of a 300 micron (50 mesh) 1" Amiad filter and a float ball to avoid air intake in the pump when the barrel of your fertilizer solution is empty. This base is weighted to remain at the bottom of the barrel. The accessory can be used to distribute any type of soluble fertilizer; however, the solution's specific weight will affect the injection flow.

To measure the amount of fertilizer to inject, you may use the Injector Flow Meter Kit (sold separately), to be installed between the 10' reinforced hose and the valves.

 Hose Dimension : 1/2" x 10'

* Please note this kit is made to be welded. If you would like more parts contact us.

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