Opsun SunGround mounting system

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IE RE-SUP-50OP003-config

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Product No. Materials Module size range Dimension Number of modules Tilt range Quote required
IE RE-SUP-50OP003 Aluminum, stainless steel Any 60 cells PV module 6 modules X 2 modules 12 30º to 60º X
IE RE-SUP-50OP004 Aluminum, stainless steel Any 60-cell PV module 7 modules X 2 modules 14 30° to 60° X

Opsun's SunGround system is designed to be elegant and resistant, but also practical. Solar power plant owners expect easy installation, performance, limited maintenance and great visual appearance.

Features and benefits

  • The Opsun SunGround clamps and rails allow for adjustments in all angles to adapt to imprecise posts installation
  • Ultra-fast installation: custom length pre-cut rails and stands add convenience, reduce waste and minimize installation time
  • Low number of posts required
  • Opsun's SunGround is designed to be extremely solid and hold over 3500 W on two posts seamlessly
  • Designed for heavy snow and strong wind climates (max. wind speed: 241 km/h)
  • Massive rails allow very large spans, meaning fewer posts
  • The Opsun SunGround mounting system is Building Code compliant and load resistance is verified by structural engineering firms


Fast, convenient assembly

  • Assembly can be done with a few drill sockets and a simple impact drill
  • Can be installed on concreted blocks when post installations is impossible
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