Dripper Kit 0,5 GPH

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IS 12715150
Flow Length (micro tubing) Components
0,5 GPH 18'' PC and CNL Dripper
Angle barbed stake
18'' white micro tubing

Already assembled, this product makes it easier to install inline irrigation systems for greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, vineyards, landscapes and gardens.


  • Filtration Recommendation: 130 micron / 120 mesh
  • Very low CV : less than 4% (excellent distribution)
  • Wide and precise regulating range from 7 to 57 psi
  • Required punch size 2.5 mm
  • Recommended working pressure 15 to 60 psi (1.0 Bar to 4.0 Bar)


Features and Benefits

  • Flexural toughness, environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), Busrt crack growth (SCG) resistance, Impact and puncture resistance micro tubing
  • Self-regulating, chemical resistant, anti-drainback and self-cleaning dripper


Dimensions and specifications

  • Flow : 0.5 GPH
  • Length (micro tubing) : 18''
  • Components : PC and CNL Dripper, angle barbed stake, 18'' white micro tubing
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