COVID-19 Update For Our Customers

May 11, 2020

Dear customers and partners,

Please note that access to the counter and showroom remains closed to our customers. Due to the very large number of orders we currently receive and the additional security measures that we must take in connection with the COVID-19, it is impossible for us to offer you a secure envrionment. We remain available by phone and on our website for any questions and ordering. We thank you for your understanding.

Please note that we prefer the option of shipping orders. However, customers will be allowed to pick up their order by car or truck if they wish. These people need to understand that we have no way of estimating the waiting time, which may be much longer than usual.

For any order pickup by car, please follow the following instructions:

• Under no circumstances will a client be allowed to enter Dubois Agrinovation's facilities

• For any addition to your order: you must first contact us at 1-800-667-6279 (Quebec) or 1-800-815-9929 (Ontario)

• Please park in front and notify your representative by phone that you have arrived.

• You will receive a call when your order is ready

• You must remain in your vehicle when loading your order.

• For cars or SUVs: we will deposit the goods next to the car

• Truck (pickup): your tailgate must be open and we will place your order in the box of the truck

• 48 '' high truck: you must go to the loading dock

It will also be possible to return goods. Please follow the following instructions:

• You can check if the items of your order are adequate

• You must return to the front parking lot to check

• For any error, contact 1-800-667-6279 (Quebec) or 1-800-815-9929 (Ontario)

• Returns will be possible after the COVID-19 crisis (date to be confirmed)