Compression Bondable Saddle

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IB 32-P1.5C710-config
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Product No. Description Dimension Saddle Color Adapter Color
IB 32-P1.5C710 #710 Compression Adptr 1.5" X 18mm Black Blue
IB 32-P2C710 #710 Compression Adptr 2" X 18mm White Blue
IB 32-P3C710 #710 Compression Adptr 3" X 18mm Brown Blue
IB 32-P3C800 #800 Compression Adptr 3" X 20mm Brown Black
IB 32-P4C710 #710 Compression Adptr 4" X 18mm Green Blue
Compression Bondable Saddle for PVC irrigation pipe

Outlet for Drip Tape or Drip-In
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