Large Wire Grips and Stretchers

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Wire Wire Cross
Eye Size "D" Working
Load Limit
Load Capacity Remote release Weight
4-12 mm
0.16" - 0.47"
16-70 mm
0.63" - 2.76"
27 mm
4500 kg
9920 lb
1700 kg
3747 lb
5 mm
1.27 kg
2 lb


  • Galvanized with long, parallel tensioning steel jaws, hardened
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Grips the steel parts, and steel cable automatically by spring loading
  • No slipping of steel parts even at highest pulling forces


Directions for use, maintenance and care

  • Before each use: check all parts for distortion or misalignment; proper maintenance and field inspection is necessary
  • Check grip to ensure it is the correct type and size for the application
  • Profile of the jaws and its teeth have to be kept always clean, dry, free of oil and grease to avoid a slipping of the wire
  • Avoid abrupt loading
  • Increase tensile force slowly to avoid slipping of the wire or even damage of the teeth
  • Lubricate only the rivets, never the jaws!



  • When using grip never exceed Working Load Limit WLL!
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