Supertif Single Stake

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IS JD101003308
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Single stake assembly combines Supertif Dripper with a stake (peg)

The Supertif Single Stake Assembly is the best solution for greenhouse vegetable production, and 1-5 gal nursery containers.
The Snapeg, shown on the left, has two special features: 
  • As you can see in the photo on the right, it is very easy to see that the dripper is working by observing  the drips in the ‘window’ at the top of the peg.
  • Also, the tubing is very to assemble and disassemble to the peg.  This is especially valuable in production systems where growers wish to remove and sterilize the pegs before re-using them in the next crop.


The Supertif dripper with the press-fit outlet is combined with multi-outlet manifolds to allow one Supertif to water two, four, six, or as many as eight plants at once.  These assemblies are called Supertif Spider Assemblies (even if they only have two legs)

All spider assemblies use the Dripeg.  The Dripeg has a labyrinth which equalizes the flow to all outlets.

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