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Lightweight, flexible net with very small mesh that protects your plants from insects, birds, small animals, wind, heavy rain and hail.

Install directly on the plants or on hoops (the width covered by the net may be less than 2.1 m if it is placed on hoops). The net can be secured with sandbags or fine soil.

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  • Dimension: 2.1 m X 10 m (82'' X 33')
  • Mesh : 0,35mm x 0,35mm (0,0138'&apos x 0,0138'&apos)
  • U.V. Resistance
  • Porosity: 62 % approx.
  • Light Transmission: 90 %
  • Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Color: White
  • Lifespan: 3 seasons 

BioPlus Protective Netting Installation


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