Pre-assembled ¾" water filtration kits

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IKB 33-075HTXH6-12-8-Config
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Product No. Pressure Application Type Inlet Outlet
IKB 33-075HTXH6-12-8P 12 psi Drip Tape Irrigation System 3/4'' FHT 600/700
IKB 33-075HTXH6-35-8P 35 psi Dan Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation System 3/4'' FHT 600/700
IKB 33-075HTXI1-12-8P 12 psi Drip Tape Irrigation System 3/4'' FHT 1'' insert

The pre-assembled ¾" water filtration kit prevents the distribution of dirt and debris in the irrigation system. It is directly attached to the ¾" outside faucet or a garden hose.

Equipped with a 155 mesh stainless sreen element and a water pressure gauge, it is easy to check the filter's clogging level and clean it. 

The 12 psi models are used with drip tape irrigation systems, while the 35 psi model is used with irrigation systems equipped with Dan Micro-Sprinklers

Depending on the model, when the pressure level indicated on the pressure gauge is lower than 12 psi or 35 psi, you must check the filter and clean it if necessary. 

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